Home Row/Middle Row key Type Lessons(Day 2 of 30)

Welcome to the day 2 typing lesson of the 30-day free course. Today, we will learn how to type the Home row/Middlerow keys effectively. As you know, this is the row where learners set their fingers and start learning this skill. So, it’s essential during this course and in this job. So, let’s start with … Read more

Bottom Bar Keys Typing Lesson With Practice Task

Already, we have learned 10 finger placement and Middle row key input in QWERT Keyboard. Today, we will introduce the Bottom Bar keys and ways to type accurately in an efficient manner. There are seven letters and three signs are there. Which fingers are most suitable for fast typing?- This is the main topic of … Read more

Free 30 Days Typing Lessons and Exercise

Typing is not a complex skill but needs appropriate concentration and practice. So we bring 30 days of free typing lessons to make you skilful in this job. Various keyboards and methods of type are available—our focus is on the QWERT keyboard and the Tuch type method. A complete 30-day free typing course opened on … Read more

Proper Ten Fingers Positioning on Keyboard ~ Day 1 Lesson

The keyboard is the primary device for inputting details of the Computer. To be faster, you must know the proper ten-finger placement on the keyboard. Already we have discussed the QWERT keyboard and its layout with images in the keyboards section. And this is 1st day of the 30-day typing lessons section. Today’s topic is … Read more

Day 4 Lesson, Advance Bottom Row’s Key Type

In the last lesson of 30 days of free typing, we learned the Bottom bar key. And that was in serially and in lower case. But today, we will practice Advance Bottom Row’s Key Type, where the key is placed in upper and lower case mixed and also in disorder. Advance Bottom Row Typing WPM … Read more

Top Row/Upper Row Keys Typing Exercise

Upper Row typing is the Fifth of 30 days of free lessons on our Online Typing and Practice Website. We hope you have enjoyed the previous two classes and learned well, and then you are participating in this lesson. It will teach you how to type top row keys effectively. As you know, our course … Read more

Day 6, Advance Top Bar Key Type Task

We hope that our 30 days of free typing lesson is helping you to be faster on the keyboard. Today, we are going to hard practice the top bar keys typing. Previously, we learned the finger placement and positions of these keys. And also completed the basic level of the task. Today, we are going … Read more

Mixed Home and Upper Bar Typing Exercise

Welcome to the day 7  typing lesson. We have already covered basic and advanced studies on single-row typing. And completed the Home row, upper row, and bottom row. Today, we are going to a new level of practice on mixed upper and Home rows. This is crucial because you have to pay attention to double bar … Read more