Touch Typing Test for Ten Minutes and Online WPM Calculator

In this digital era, you don’t need to join any institution for learning. Everything can be from home online. If you want to be an English Touch typing master scientifically, then this 10 minutes online speed test can tell your ability. And also tell you your required attention on which portions to be a good Touch typing master. We have already made another 10 minutes of typing tools for personal computers and notebooks. Due to some issues with the mobile devices, we made this, especially for android devices.





% Accuracy

Click on the area below to start typing.

Typing Test on PC Keyboard Connected Mobile
10 minutes typing one Minutes test
Five Minutes Task Two Minutes
2 minutes typing Five Minutes
1-minute task Ten Minutes Touch Type(You are here)

Though this can use this 10 minutes online typing speed test tool on both devices. Yet, we recommend using a 10-minute typing tool for PC. Because you can have a good experience with computers and notebooks, can this ten-minute speed tying test tool guide you to be a type master easily and quickly?
10 minutes typing test on touch type method

Some important futures of this ten-minute English speed type test are-

  1. You can see the red colours word while your type words are wrong.
  2. You can see live calculations on your speed and accuracy. It can calculate how many numbers of characters you typed per minute? It also tells you the accuracy percentage.
  3. Vast numbers of words are there in the database.
  4. You can take part an unlimited numbers of times.
  5. Each test is for ten minutes.
  6. Easy and long character words are listed.
  7. It’s not only the calculation of your speed but also your patience.

So, we can say that this typing speed test calculator will benefit all learners who want to be a type masters in the coming days.


How to Dominate in Touch Typing Method?

To be an English Touch Typing Master, you need to practice and practice scientifically. Otherwise, it’s challenging to get the desired position. But don’t worry. You have an opportunity, and you can take it from home. We have made a 30-day free lesson based on the Touch typing method, which is open for all. In this lesson, we have provided-

  1. How can memorize keys?
  2. How to position ten fingers on the keyboard?
  3. Ten keys(0-9) Touch typing tactics and lessons.
  4. . Tasks for creating and increasing muscle memories can help you bring the storm to the keyboard.
  5. You also require suitable devices like a PC or notebook with a connected good QWERT keyboard. However, you can connect the keyboard to your android device. If you don’t know how to do it? Then please read →Connect Key Board to a smartphone.
  6. Always use touch-type method, which is most professional used in their works. If you don’t know it, then take our 30-day free lesson.

Rules for completing this Touch Typing Words Task

This system allows learners to see their English Touch Typing speed calculation based on error and correct inputs.

  1. If you mistake inputting a character or forget input, any characters will count the word on the wrong typed section. But false inputted characters will include all characters on Characters per minute(CPM).
  2. Errorless words will keep on the Words Per Minute calculation. Always look at the task that red-coloured words are going wrong. Try to avoid this issue to increase your accuracy and speed.
  3. Always use the mechanical desktop keyboard (104 keys). It’s a factor and makes influences your skill.

How Helpful is this English 10 Minutes Task?

It is a speed test calculator for the ten-minute test of typing skills. If you participate in this test, it will show your strong ad week zones. And it will give you to make the strategy to develop your craft. Please note that a single attempt can not make you perfect. It would help if you practised regularly. At least two or three-week practice makes you a type master. This tool might be beneficial if you desire to be a type master. We always recommend to the learners to take advantage of our free lesson. Find more articles and touch typing tools at →
Free online typing test in English

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